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    1. Pérez-Mazliah D, Nguyen MP, Hosking C, McLaughlin S, Lewis MD, Tumwine I, Levy P, Langhorne J. Follicular Helper T Cells are Essential for the Elimination of Plasmodium Infection. EBioMedicine. 2017 Oct; 24:216-230. PMID: 28888925.
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    2. Langhorne J, Duffy PE. Expanding the antimalarial toolkit: Targeting host-parasite interactions. J Exp Med. 2016 Feb 08; 213(2):143-53. PMID: 26834158; PMCID: PMC4749928.
    3. Nahrendorf W, Scholzen A, Sauerwein RW, Langhorne J. Cross-stage immunity for malaria vaccine development. Vaccine. 2015 Dec 22; 33(52):7513-7. PMID: 26469724; PMCID: PMC4687527.
    4. Coomes SM, Pelly VS, Kannan Y, Okoye IS, Czieso S, Entwistle LJ, Perez-Lloret J, Nikolov N, Potocnik AJ, Biró J, Langhorne J, Wilson MS. IFN? and IL-12 Restrict Th2 Responses during Helminth/Plasmodium Co-Infection and Promote IFN? from Th2 Cells. PLoS Pathog. 2015 Jul; 11(7):e1004994. PMID: 26147567; PMCID: PMC4493106.
    5. Spence PJ, Brugat T, Langhorne J. Mosquitoes Reset Malaria Parasites. PLoS Pathog. 2015 Jul; 11(7):e1004987. PMID: 26133171; PMCID: PMC4489640.
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    7. Pérez-Mazliah D, Ng DH, Freitas do Rosário AP, McLaughlin S, Mastelic-Gavillet B, Sodenkamp J, Kushinga G, Langhorne J. Disruption of IL-21 signaling affects T cell-B cell interactions and abrogates protective humoral immunity to malaria. PLoS Pathog. 2015 Mar; 11(3):e1004715. PMID: 25763578; PMCID: PMC4370355.
    8. Nahrendorf W, Spence PJ, Tumwine I, Lévy P, Jarra W, Sauerwein RW, Langhorne J. Blood-stage immunity to Plasmodium chabaudi malaria following chemoprophylaxis and sporozoite immunization. Elife. 2015 Feb 25; 4. PMID: 25714922; PMCID: PMC4371380.
    9. Borges da Silva H, Fonseca R, Cassado Ados A, Machado de Salles É, de Menezes MN, Langhorne J, Perez KR, Cuccovia IM, Ryffel B, Barreto VM, Marinho CR, Boscardin SB, Álvarez JM, D'Império-Lima MR, Tadokoro CE. In vivo approaches reveal a key role for DCs in CD4+ T cell activation and parasite clearance during the acute phase of experimental blood-stage malaria. PLoS Pathog. 2015 Feb; 11(2):e1004598. PMID: 25658925; PMCID: PMC4450059.
    10. Perez-Mazliah D, Langhorne J. CD4 T-cell subsets in malaria: TH1/TH2 revisited. Front Immunol. 2014; 5:671. PMID: 25628621; PMCID: PMC4290673.
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    12. Scholzen A, Nahrendorf W, Langhorne J, Sauerwein RW. Expansion of IgG+ B-cells during mitogen stimulation for memory B-cell ELISpot analysis is influenced by size and composition of the B-cell pool. PLoS One. 2014; 9(7):e102885. PMID: 25050555; PMCID: PMC4106867.
    13. Okoye IS, Czieso S, Ktistaki E, Roderick K, Coomes SM, Pelly VS, Kannan Y, Perez-Lloret J, Zhao JL, Baltimore D, Langhorne J, Wilson MS. Transcriptomics identified a critical role for Th2 cell-intrinsic miR-155 in mediating allergy and antihelminth immunity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Jul 29; 111(30):E3081-90. PMID: 25024218; PMCID: PMC4121777.
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    15. Ng DH, Skehel JJ, Kassiotis G, Langhorne J. Recovery of an antiviral antibody response following attrition caused by unrelated infection. PLoS Pathog. 2014 Jan; 10(1):e1003843. PMID: 24391499; PMCID: PMC3879355.
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    17. Belyaev NN, Biró J, Langhorne J, Potocnik AJ. Extramedullary myelopoiesis in malaria depends on mobilization of myeloid-restricted progenitors by IFN-? induced chemokines. PLoS Pathog. 2013; 9(6):e1003406. PMID: 23762028; PMCID: PMC3675198.
    18. Spence PJ, Jarra W, Lévy P, Reid AJ, Chappell L, Brugat T, Sanders M, Berriman M, Langhorne J. Vector transmission regulates immune control of Plasmodium virulence. Nature. 2013 Jun 13; 498(7453):228-31. PMID: 23719378; PMCID: PMC3784817.
    19. Roetynck S, Olotu A, Simam J, Marsh K, Stockinger B, Urban B, Langhorne J. Phenotypic and functional profiling of CD4 T cell compartment in distinct populations of healthy adults with different antigenic exposure. PLoS One. 2013; 8(1):e55195. PMID: 23383106; PMCID: PMC3557244.
    20. Spence PJ, Jarra W, Lévy P, Nahrendorf W, Langhorne J. Mosquito transmission of the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium chabaudi. Malar J. 2012 Dec 06; 11:407. PMID: 23217144; PMCID: PMC3528485.
    21. Sponaas AM, Belyaev N, Falck-Hansen M, Potocnik A, Langhorne J. Transient deficiency of dendritic cells results in lack of a merozoite surface protein 1-specific CD4 T cell response during peak Plasmodium chabaudi blood-stage infection. Infect Immun. 2012 Dec; 80(12):4248-56. PMID: 23006847; PMCID: PMC3497445.
    22. Spence PJ, Langhorne J. T cell control of malaria pathogenesis. Curr Opin Immunol. 2012 Aug; 24(4):444-8. PMID: 22658628.
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    23. Mastelic B, do Rosario AP, Veldhoen M, Renauld JC, Jarra W, Sponaas AM, Roetynck S, Stockinger B, Langhorne J. IL-22 Protects Against Liver Pathology and Lethality of an Experimental Blood-Stage Malaria Infection. Front Immunol. 2012; 3:85. PMID: 22566965; PMCID: PMC3342387.
    24. Freitas do Rosario AP, Langhorne J. T cell-derived IL-10 and its impact on the regulation of host responses during malaria. Int J Parasitol. 2012 May 15; 42(6):549-55. PMID: 22549022.
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    25. Lawton J, Brugat T, Yan YX, Reid AJ, Böhme U, Otto TD, Pain A, Jackson A, Berriman M, Cunningham D, Preiser P, Langhorne J. Characterization and gene expression analysis of the cir multi-gene family of Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi (AS). BMC Genomics. 2012 Mar 29; 13:125. PMID: 22458863; PMCID: PMC3384456.
    26. Del Portillo HA, Ferrer M, Brugat T, Martin-Jaular L, Langhorne J, Lacerda MV. The role of the spleen in malaria. Cell Microbiol. 2012 Mar; 14(3):343-55. PMID: 22188297.
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    27. Craig AG, Grau GE, Janse C, Kazura JW, Milner D, Barnwell JW, Turner G, Langhorne J. The role of animal models for research on severe malaria. PLoS Pathog. 2012 Feb; 8(2):e1002401. PMID: 22319438; PMCID: PMC3271056.
    28. Freitas do Rosário AP, Lamb T, Spence P, Stephens R, Lang A, Roers A, Muller W, O'Garra A, Langhorne J. IL-27 promotes IL-10 production by effector Th1 CD4+ T cells: a critical mechanism for protection from severe immunopathology during malaria infection. J Immunol. 2012 Feb 01; 188(3):1178-90. PMID: 22205023; PMCID: PMC3272378.
    29. Tulone C, Sponaas AM, Raiber EA, Tabor AB, Langhorne J, Chain BM. Differential requirement for cathepsin D for processing of the full length and C-terminal fragment of the malaria antigen MSP1. PLoS One. 2011; 6(10):e24886. PMID: 22053177; PMCID: PMC3203867.
    30. Stephens R, Seddon B, Langhorne J. Homeostatic proliferation and IL-7R alpha expression do not correlate with enhanced T cell proliferation and protection in chronic mouse malaria. PLoS One. 2011; 6(10):e26686. PMID: 22039531; PMCID: PMC3198788.
    31. Adler G, Steeg C, Pfeffer K, Murphy TL, Murphy KM, Langhorne J, Jacobs T. B and T lymphocyte attenuator restricts the protective immune response against experimental malaria. J Immunol. 2011 Nov 15; 187(10):5310-9. PMID: 21998455.
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    32. Nduati E, Gwela A, Karanja H, Mugyenyi C, Langhorne J, Marsh K, Urban BC. The plasma concentration of the B cell activating factor is increased in children with acute malaria. J Infect Dis. 2011 Sep 15; 204(6):962-70. PMID: 21849293; PMCID: PMC3156925.
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    40. Riley EM, Couper KN, Helmby H, Hafalla JC, de Souza JB, Langhorne J, Jarra WB, Zavala F. Neuropathogenesis of human and murine malaria. Trends Parasitol. 2010 Jun; 26(6):277-8. PMID: 20338809.
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    41. Fairlie-Clarke KJ, Lamb TJ, Langhorne J, Graham AL, Allen JE. Antibody isotype analysis of malaria-nematode co-infection: problems and solutions associated with cross-reactivity. BMC Immunol. 2010 Feb 17; 11:6. PMID: 20163714; PMCID: PMC2838755.
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    43. Ndungu FM, Cadman ET, Coulcher J, Nduati E, Couper E, Macdonald DW, Ng D, Langhorne J. Functional memory B cells and long-lived plasma cells are generated after a single Plasmodium chabaudi infection in mice. PLoS Pathog. 2009 Dec; 5(12):e1000690. PMID: 20011127; PMCID: PMC2784955.
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    45. Okafor CM, Anumudu CI, Omosun YO, Uthaipibull C, Ayede I, Awobode HO, Odaibo AB, Langhorne J, Holder AA, Nwuba RI, Troye-Blomberg M. Cellular responses to modified Plasmodium falciparum MSP119 antigens in individuals previously exposed to natural malaria infection. Malar J. 2009 Nov 23; 8:263. PMID: 19930613; PMCID: PMC2785830.
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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